Three principles of aluminum alloy doors and windows in 2020


Return to the source of demand and explore market potential

Everyone knows that once the basic needs of customers are ignored, then high-tech products and multi-functional products will only be discarded. In the door and window industry, door and window merchants not only have the hottest characteristics, but the doors and windows themselves are also ignored. As part of home decoration, door and window manufacturers have close relationships with building materials, real estate and other industries, so you can find a new way to subdivide the real estate market, building materials market. Breaking professional thinking, industry thinking, and extensive industry observation and thinking have become the concept of product development.

Out of the predicament of homogeneity, open marketing concept

For a long time, door and window companies have relatively low barriers to entry, and there are more small and medium-sized enterprises, which makes the marketing of door and window companies always focus on the route of their opponents. As market competition continues to intensify, this marketing concept has caused the company to fall into a predicament of homogenization and even close down. Therefore, step out of the competition, plan a good route, find a new market, which will not be constrained by competitors, in order to make the company bigger and stronger.

Seize market opportunities and target market segments

Under normal circumstances, when a company has absolute confidence in its marketing and products, after the company enters the market, the initiative will be stronger and the sales will be greater. Therefore, door and window companies in the market need to focus on the scale, development potential, and purchasing power of each market segment, and take corresponding measures.

Door and window companies, market segmentation and target market selection are the first steps of corporate activities. They are only for the need to return to the original point, from the homogenization of difficulties, in order to meet the needs of target customers, in order to concentrate superior resources and consolidate their existing For a long period of time in the future, we will explore more potential consumer demand in the market.

In the household building materials industry, limited by their own strength, door and window manufacturers cannot provide them to the market to meet the needs of all products and services. At this point, in order to compete more effectively, companies must conduct market segmentation, or choose the most profitable target market segmentation according to high or low products, or according to different channels in the market. However, seeking development in market segments is not a simple matter. Only by formulating effective competitive strategies and adhering to the three golden principles, the party cannot be shaken to gain and increase competitive advantages. What can door and window manufacturers do?