Industry Giant, Great Strength

Deep-rooted brand influence

Focus on the home door and window industry for 10 years

Aircraft carrier-class home door and window brand

The brand is well-known to every family and has a worldwide reputation!

Excellence in Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Era

With design as the core, quality manufacturing as the foundation, and information strategy to lead the future! Customization 4.0, a new era of door and window customization!

Four Advantages of Joining

Capacity empowerment goes hand in hand

Fully achieve radiation within 500 kilometers, 8-hour transportation, and provide a stable supply chain guarantee for customer service.

Professional customization WYSIWYG

Personalized customized service allows customers to enjoy a better home service experience.

Intelligent customized door and window vane

Customize smart doors and windows, open up design, production, and management links, and realize smart production and information management.

Opening spree, all-round assistance

Opening support, intimate gift package support, opening sample discount support, in-store training support, opening advertising support.

Affiliate Support

Zero yuan franchise support

During the investment promotion period, you only need to consult, and you can get our comprehensive policy and join for free.

Free sample support

If the sample sales reach the company's specified performance, you can enjoy free return treatment.

Decoration subsidy support

Provide store decoration subsidies to franchise partners according to different franchise nature and store area.

Unified Storefront SI

Use unified brand image decoration throughout the country, and support store design for free throughout the entire process, so that you can enjoy our national unified SI image without even thinking about it.

Full training support

Free training, free explanation of sales, design, management and other professional knowledge are fully awarded, allowing you to know the industry well.

Network promotion support

The company builds the stage. While building the official website, the company also conducts multi-faceted network promotion to attract a steady stream of customers.

Advertising support

When franchising partners from all over the country carry out brand promotion, the outdoor advertising company will give a certain percentage of support.

Material support

Free product manuals, color cards, engineering design plans, uniforms and brand promotion supplies are provided.

Join Conditions


Legal person or natural person


Have a good business reputation and business reputation in the local area, and can abide by laws and company-related rules and regulations, and agree with the corporate culture and business philosophy of the head office.


Understand the door and window home furnishing industry, have strong management capabilities, market promotion capabilities, good customer service awareness and service capabilities


Possess a storefront of 100 square meters or more in the urban mainstream building materials market


Willing to accept the company’s various standard and systematic training, and be able to strictly implement brand standards, agency prices and terminal preferential policies according to company requirements


Establish image stores and specialty stores in accordance with regulations.