Foshan Suns windows Co., Ltd. is located in Sigang Industrial Zone, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Founded in 2012, it is an aluminum door and window manufacturing enterprise integrating product development, production, marketing and service.

Suns windows takes the creation of Chinese door and window culture as its responsibility, and is committed to inheriting Chinese history and promoting Han national culture under the premise of practicality and fashion; striving to incorporate Chinese classical culture into fashionable products is the starting point of the Suns brand. It is the ultimate goal of the Suns brand for modern people to taste the rich fragrance of Han national culture in fashionable door and window products.

Suns windows is not only a household product, but also a fashion and tasteful artwork.



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Our Mission

Create value for customers, create wealth for society, and strive to lead the trend of the door and window industry

Core Value

People-oriented, pursuit of win-win concept, strive to achieve three satisfactions-customer satisfaction, dealer satisfaction, employee satisfaction

Service Philosophy

Sincere and pragmatic, work steadily; work hard, work diligently, and sincerely serve every customer

Quality Concept

Quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is its social responsibility, and quality is its commitment to consumers

Team Spirit

Enthusiastic and proactive, united and cooperative, selfless and hardworking, every employee brings convenience to the work of colleagues with better service, is a close comrade at work, and can be a good friend in life